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    Hello GSL School District members.  We are living in unprecedented times and times where many of us need to live differently.  At school, this isn’t any different.  This week, our school has started “Distance Learning” to deliver instruction and education to our students.  For a large portion of this, we use the internet to connect the staff with our students.  This is done is a variety of ways.  For the past couple of weeks, our staff has been preparing for a long term plan where students are not coming to school.  We’ve been given the task from the state to continue the educational process, but not at the building.  We were very well prepared for this as we had “Digital/Different Days” for the past several years when there has been a cancellation of school due to the weather, but this was only a day here or a day there. The challenge now is for our staff to deliver instruction away from our students for an extended time.  The positive to this whole thing is that we are learning a lot.  All of the new ways to deliver high quality instruction is a good thing.  Of course not seeing the students at school is the thing we miss the most.  With all that said, we must continue to think differently, continue to connect, and provide a high quality education to our students.  I am proud of the work we have done at GSL.  It is great to be a part of a district where so many people are working on behalf of students.  Please stay safe, listen to our health care professionals, and we will continue to seek ways to improve and make changes for the better.  Thank you again for your support and here’s to a wonderful, yet challenging end of the school year.  Take care.

    Christopher Sonju

    Superintendent of School

    GSL Public Schools ISD #2859

     This serves as another reminder please pick up ALL medication if you have any for your child at school.  If you have questions, please call Beth Jerabek, district nurse at 320-864-2446

    Current Information from GSL, the CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health can be found by clicking the links below.

    New-Emergency Food Service Program During COVID-19

    New-Emergency Food Service Program During COVID-19 (Espanol)

    Food Service Menus

    CHILD CARE –this service continues at GSL next week.  Please remember that it is designed for families of health professionals and emergency workers, and for families that are working in food distribution.  You must fill out form in order to access this service.  We ask that you fill out the form at least one day before you arrive.  This helps plan for needs and staffing.  Thank you.  Call Matt Muenchow for more information at 320-864-2696.

    COVID 19 Emergency Care Form

    COVID 19 Emergency Care Form 2020 (Espanol)

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 website

    MInnesota Department of Health COVID-19 website

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