Lincoln Elementary School

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Our Office

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    Mr. Butler

    Welcome to Lincoln Elementary School.

    My vision for Glencoe-Silver Lake Elementary is that it is a safe place, it is a place where adults are interested in children as individuals as well as students, and it is a place where success is expected. 

    It is during the elementary school years that children are most physically active and most dependent upon their parents and teachers. It is a time when they are most influenced by their teachers and school events. It is incumbent on our staff, indeed our greatest responsibility, to ensure that these years are successful and peppered with delightful learning experiences. 

    Teachers are the most valuable school resource. It is an individual teacher who makes the greatest difference to a child's success at school. I strive to support teachers personally and professionally so they can inspire and empower their students. I invite you to join me in this venture. Please call or stop in whenever you'd like to visit with me.

    Our Principal
    Mr. Butler

    Principal's Secretary
    Kim Ruschmeier

    Nurse- Sharry Good

    Panther Pride is...

    * Safety
    * Respect
    * Responsibility




About Us


    Core Values

    *All students can learn

    *All students are valued

    *All students can be successful

    *All students have gifts and talents

    *All students have the right to a safe and positive learning environment

    *All members of district are valued stakeholders