Lakeside Elementary School

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    Welcome to Lakeside Elementary School.

    Hello! My name is Joy Freitag and I am the assistant elementary principal for GSL Elementary Schools. My office is located at Lakeside Elementary in Silver Lake. 

    If you're interested in learning more about our elementary school, or would like to arrange a tour, please call our office at 320-864-2500.

    Lakeside Vision: Where learning thrives and relationships are valued.

    Lakeside Mission: A place of excellence where family, school, and community form a partnership to ensure each individual achieves their full potential in academic, creative, personal, physical, and social development.

    Panther Pride is...

            * Safety

            * Respect

            * Responsibility



  • 229 Lake Ave S, PO Box 342, Silver Lake, MN  55381

    Phone: 320-864-2500
    School Day Hours 8:00-2:50
    Office Hours 7:30-4:00
    Asst. Principal: Joy Freitag


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