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  • Recreational Gymnastics Classes


    GSL Community Education offers year-round recreational classes.  Classes are 6 weeks per session. 

    Panther Toddlers(Parent/Child Class) - A class for our littlest gymnasts plus a grow-up to help.   The class will invovle instruction from a coach who will set-up fun activities to do in the gym.  This class is for ages 18 months - 3 years old.

    Panther Tumblers -  This is a beginning gymnastic class with an emphasis on listening skills and learning about the different skills and vocabulary fo the equipment in the gym.   This class is designed for ages 3-5 year olds.

    Level One - Beginners - This class is for students age 5 or older, with no prior gymnastics expereince.  Younger students who have passed out of tumblers will also be allowed in the class.   On the bars we will focus on basic hanning skills and front support skills.   On the beam the students will learn balance, posture, and be introduced to kicks.   On the floor studens will do a forward roll, backward roll, cartwheel, bridge and handstand.

    Level Two - Intermediate - This class is for students who have successfully completed the Level One class.  One the vault, students will do a dive roll.  On the beam, students will continue to improve balance and posture while learning more advance skills pile jumps, stretch jumps, and begin a forward roll.   On the floor, students will enhance skills and comple a bridge kick over.

    Level Three - Advanced - This for students who have successfully complete the Level Two class.   On bars, students will begin back hip circles, work on squat-ons, and introduce them to the high bar.   On the floor, they will work on handstand forward roll, round-offs, and begin back handsprings.

    Level Four - PreTeam - This class is for students who have mastered the Level Three skill requirements, but are not ready to able to join the Panther Paw Team Gymnastics.