• Softball Camp - Grades K-6

    This camp will teach young players the fundamentals that they will use as they progress in the GSL softball program.  It teaches the technique of hitting, fielding, and pitching.  This camp is instructed by GSL Softball coaches and players.  This is a great opportunity for young players to enjoy softball leading up to the spring/summer seasons.  This camp does not include a  shirt.


    Grades K-2                                                                                    Grade 3-6

    Dates:  3/11 & 3/12                                                                         Dates:  3/13 & 3/14  Monday & Thursday

    Time 3:30PM - 5:00PM                                                                   Time:  3:30PM-5:00PM

    Fee:  $25                                                                                         Fee:  $25

    Location:  Black Gym                                                                      Location:  Black Gym