• GSL Facility Agreement Form

    By signing this form, I agree to the following rules and regulations:

    Laws and Policies

    • All ordinances, laws and district policies pertaining to the use of school facilities must be followed.
    • There is no smoking in the school building or on school property.
    • No alcohol or liquor are permitted at any time.
    • Fire regulations must be observed at all times and the number of occupancy shall not be exceeded.
    • No weapons are allowed on school property for any reason than in conjunction with an authorized firearm safety program.


    • School equipment may be arranged to be used by the renters in advance depending on approval by the facility coordinator.
    • Facility users/renters shall not modify the design of the building in any way unless they have prior approval.
    • Facility users/renters are responsible for the clean-up of their event.
    • All food and refreshments are are restricted to assigned areas or outside, unless prior approval has been arranged.
    • A responsible District 2859 employee or sub-contractor may be required whenever school facilities are in use. The additional costs of these employees are the responsibility of the renters.
    • A non-refundable, security deposit of $100 per day of the event will be assessed for any all day event. Deposits will be applied to the total rental costs. This includes tournaments.


    • The organization or group is responsible for any damage or liability of any kind and agrees to "hold harmless the school district from any expense of cost in connection with the use of the school facility under this agreement. 
    • Groups and organizations not associated with ISD 2859 MUST provide their own liability and damage insurance when renting school facilities.  A certificate of insurance MUST be submitted when reserving the facilities. 
    • Groups must supply their own supervision for their activity or event.  Groups not having or providing appropriate supervision will have staff hired for them and billed for the cost. 

    Policy Exceptions

    • When, in the public interest, the School Board deems it necessary, the use of school facilities shall be denied.
    • The wavier of fees or other expectations to this policy may be made by the Board of Education or approved designee.

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