Medicare Basics Parts A-D......Registration Deadline: August 29th 2019

    Is Medicare in your near future? Do you have questions about what it covers? If you plan to enroll within the next year, this class has the answers for you!

    Instructor: Dennis Wurm     Date: Tuesday, September 17th 2019    Time: 6:30PM-&:30PM  Location: Panther Fieldhouse Community Room    Fee:$5 


    "Follow the Bone" Deer Cutting 

    This class will teach you the basic skills to cut your own deer and cook your deer. We will show you the proper care of the deer-do the actual field dressing, skinning, and cleaning of the carcass. Next we will show you how to cut your deer, to the hind for roasts and jerky and trim for ground venison to sausage. We have added cooking to our Classes- This 2 hour class has about 45 minutes dedicated to cooking. We show each primal and talk about how to cut it and cook it for the best end results. Identifing what's better on the grill and tips on how to not to over cook venison on the grill to avoid dry steak. We will have a road kill deer for hands-on experience. Included in the classs is our DVD also to take with you- 60Minutes cut into 10+ Chapters. We will have some deer cutting supplies available to buy; everything you need to cut your own deer. 

    Instructor: Kerry Swendsen  Date: Wednesday, October 30th 2019    Time: 7:00PM-9:00PM  Location: GSL High School Room 140      Fee:$30


    Spruce Pot Workshop.....Registration Deadline: November 25th 2019

    Create your own long-lasting evergreen planters using spruce tips, evergreen branches, and dogwood stems! Add many other decoratioins if you choose, such as winter berries and curly willow! These planters look great on your front step or porch!

    Instructor: Tammy Dvorak    Date: Monday, December 2nd 2019       Time: 6:00PM-8:30PM  Location: French Bucket, Glencoe MN     Fee: $42


    Holiday Treats Take and Bake

    Enjoy a night with your friends and family making holiday treats. Each group will make 1-2 types of treats. At the end, all groups will share so everyone goes home with a variety for the holidays. Participants need to bring containers to bring their treats home. All other supplies are included. 

    Date: Thursday, December 5th 2019    Time: 5:30PM-8:30PM    Location: GSL High School Room 140    Fee: $39




    Meet the Instructor: Michelle Doerr

    Certiified in Advanced Adlerian Psychology and Wellness Coaching. She brings a combination of education, professional consulting, parenting experiences and personal struggle to help guide you to your own wellness. She works with individuals, groups and organizations to guide and teach techniques to live more fully and authentically.


    Breaking Down Stressful Situations 

    In this workshop, we will discuss how certain levels of stress can help us grow. You will learn which of the four greatest personal fears is holding you back. You will use a personal stressful situation to wlak through a process to uncover the inner critic that's causing the stress. We will discuss actions for relieving personal stressors in the future.

    Date: Wednesday, October 2nd 2019    Time: 6:00PM-8:00PM    Location: GSL Jr/Sr High Community Room 443    Fee:$34


    Developing Resiliency

    In this workshop, we will define normal in terms of how we adapt to life's struggles. We will use a personal struggle to begin breaking down our thoughts, feelings, and wants to determine specifiic actions. We will discuss how to use our strengths to overcome challenges. Once registered, you will recieve direction on taking a free strengths assesssment which you will bring along to the workshop. You will walk away with tools you can use to develop resiliency throughtout life. 

    Date: Wednesday October 30th 2019   Time: 6:00PM-8:00PM    Location: GSL Jr/Sr High Community Room 443    Fee: $34


    Living Your Personal Standards

    In this workshop, you will uncover your top 5 values and how they affect your relationships with others. When you are bothered by something it's often a signal that your values have been violated by yourself or others. You will use a process to rank your values, give them meaning and conduct a values gut check. You will begin developing an action plan to help you live up to your personal standards for greater personal fullfillment. 

    Date: Wednesday, November 6th 2019  Time: 6:00PM-8:00PM   Location: GSL Jr/Sr High Community Room 443   Fee: $34


    Introduction to Enneagram

    In this workshop, you will get a brief overview of the Enneagram and its use for personal growth. We will go over the nine types, their focus of attention as well as strengths and challenges. We will discuss how to use the system for personal growth and development. You will learn how the Enneagram can benefit you and your relationships at home and work by uncovering traps that keep you from being your true selves and taking your girfts out to the world. Once registered, you will recieve direction on taking an Enneagram assesment to be completed before the workshop. 

    Date: Tuesday, November 12th 2019    Time: 6:00PM-8:00PM    Location: GSL Jr/Sr High Community Room 443   Fee: $34


    Personal Goal Setting for a Balanced Life

    In this workshop, you will learn the five life tasks and assess your current life balance and personal wellness. We will uncover what is working well and areas of concern to develop a plan for maintaining the good areas and strenthening the weak ones. We will discuss what we can do to expand our lives and how we can give life to others. You will walk away with a begining plan and a system you can use to track your personal wellbeing.

    Date: Tuesday, November 19th 2019    Time: 6:00PM-8:00PM     Location: GSL Jr/Sr High Community Room 443   Fee: $34