• Treasure Box Surprise

      What's in the treasure chest today?  A book...a prop...or surprise?  Whatever it is, the surprise leads to an adventure in acting and imagination.  Friends and family are invited to join us on the last class as we share what they have learned

    Dates:  Monday-Thursday  7/22/2019-7/25/2019         Fee:  $45


    Home Alone

      This class will cover the basics of staying home alone and coming and going home safely.  topics of discussion include appliance safety, responsibilities, house rules, first aid and more.

    Registration Deadline:  8/7/2019

    Date: Wednesday, 8/14/2019         Fee:  $15


    Magic Juggling Balloons

    Participants will have a hands on experience with magic, juggling, balloon sculpting and slap-stick comedy illusion. 

    Registration Deadline: 7/29/2019

    Date:  Monday-Thursday  8/5/2019-8/8/2019   Fee:  $48


    Young Actors Clinic

    Learn Theatre skills in technique, projection, staging, characterization and role-playing.  Children who like to put on plays, be a star or those who need to build self-esteem and self-confidence will enjoy this energizing experience.

    Registration Deadline:  7/1/5/2019

    Dates:  Monday-Thursday 7/22/2019-7/25/2019   Fee:  $47



    Chess is a fun game of strategy.  During this 6-week session you will have the opportunity to learn the game.

    Registration Deadline:  6/3/2019

    Dates:  Mondays, 6/10/2019 - 7/22/2019  No class July 1   Fee:  $34


    French Day Camp

    this introduction to the French Language gives students the opportunity to speak French through chants, signs, songs, and hands-on activities.

    Registration Deadline:  7/1/2019

    Dates:  Monday-Thursday  7/8/2019-8/1/2019   Fee:  $34