What types of computing devices may my child bring to school?

    Students may use devices that fall into the following categories: (1) laptops, (2) netbooks, (3) tablets, and (4) eReaders. In some instances, teachers may allow cell phones/smartphones to be used.

    How can my child's personal device connect to the Internet?

    Glencoe-Silver Lake Public Schools provides a wireless network which students may connect to while using their devices in the building. Devices must be compatible with the district’s wireless settings and encryption (Enterprise WPA2).

    Will there be "charging stations" so my child's electronic device can be recharged?

    Not every class will be using an electronic device in a lesson every day. Considering today's electronic device battery technology, the device's battery charge should be sufficient for lessons requiring use of the device throughout the day if properly charged at home. "Charging stations" will not be provided.

    What software will be needed on my child's computer?

    No software needs to be purchased. Because purchasing a computing device is a personal choice, anyone may purchase and use other productivity tools that best suits one's personal needs.

    Who is responsible for any repairs or updating to personal computing devices?

    Students and/or their families are responsible for their personal computing devices at all times. Glencoe-Silver Lake Public Schools does not have the technology support staff to repair or update personal computing devices.

    Who is responsible for damage, loss, or theft of devices your child brings to school?

    Families must stress the responsibilities their children have when bringing their own computing devices to school. Any devices students bring to school are their sole responsibility. Glencoe-SIlver Lake Public Schools takes no responsibility to search for lost or stolen devices nor is there any assumption of financial responsibility by Glencoe-Silver Lake Public Schools for damaged, lost or stolen personal computing devices.

    Will my child need to have a signed Acceptable Use Policy on file?

    Yes. In order for the Glencoe-Silver Lake Public School District to allow student use of the computer network and the Internet, both the Student Acceptable Use Policy and the Bring Your Own Device Policy Agreement Form must be signed by all students who want to have access to educational resources. Parents/guardians are also required to read and sign the agreement. Signing the document indicates that the student and parent/guardian have read and understand the expectations of the Bentonville Public School District.

    When can my child use the electronic device at school?

    Students must abide by the district Acceptable Use Policy along with building and classroom expectations. Each school will provide students with rules and procedures for the use of student-owned devices while on campus. Students may use their electronic devices during classroom instruction, at the teacher’s discretion.

    Will students be able to print documents from their personal computing devices?

    Students will not be able to access printers at Glencoe-Silver Lake Public Schools from their personal computing devices. We will provide alternatives as follows: (1) printing capabilities from school computers, and/or (2) electronic delivery of documents through email or other online methods.