• Device Recommendation FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a chromebook? Why did we pick this device?

    • chromebook is a device meant for primarily working with Internet based resources with access to working off-line on a variety of tasks. It is fast and light making it easy to use and carry around. The device is relatively inexpensive compared to other technologies on the market yet it is easy to support while providing 8+ hours of battery life and connects with Google’s suite of applications which are used by every student and staff member in GSL Public Schools.

    The key factors included:

    • Providing all of our students within a grade level the same opportunity to access to select electronic resources as well as the vast array of resources on the web.
    • The ability for a chromebook to natively and seamlessly integrate with Google Apps for Education, which is our platform in GSL Public Schools for communication and collaboration.
    • A chromebook comes with an integrated keyboard and mouse, which makes creating products online easier for many students and its more than six hour battery life will let students work through an entire school day without charging.
    • The chromebook offers a full-featured browser for working on the Internet that includes support for flash, a requirement for some online resources.
    • Although the chromebook allows files to be stored on it, all of the work done on a chromebook ultimately backs up to the cloud. As a result a student will rarely if ever lose their work and if their device stops working another chromebook can be substituted and the student can continue working as if they were on their original device.
    • A chromebook also comes with the ability to add on external storage through USB flash drives or SD cards. So students can pull in and access work done on other Windows, Mac, or Linux based systems and still store and work with large files that do not easily store on a mobile device or in the cloud.

    Did the district ever consider using Apple based products?  The elementary has been equipped with various Apple products for many years.  Why the inconsistency with the high school?

    • Yes, many products were evaluated including the Apple line of products. However, the integration with Google Apps for Education, the management tools. integrated keyboard, ease of maintenance, and cost were all factors in selecting the chromebook. 

    Many kids already own a Macbook, iPad or a PC laptop.  So why add and recommend a chromebook?

    • The chromebook is the recommended 1:1 device. The integration with Google Apps for Education, the management tools. integrated keyboard, ease of maintenance, 8+ hour battery life and cost were all factors in selecting the chromebook. 

    Are businesses or colleges using the chromebook?

    • These devices are being used in a variety of settings ranging from consumer use to educational use and business settings.

    Are we able to keep the chromebook after our four years of high school?

    • Yes, when you purchase it you own it.

    Is the information on a Chromebook or in Google Apps for Education private - meaning will Google sell or share our information?   

    Will students be expected to use this only for school related activities or can they add other content such as facebook etc.?

    • Students can access any web-based resource at school that is allowed through the school's Internet filter. They can access anything at home that their parents allow.

    How will students submit research papers and other formal works where formatting is vital? Will MS Office remain a central feature like it is in the business world?

    • The formatting features have improved greatly in the Google suite of tools over the past few years and offer many of the features available in other desktop publishing tools. Office will also be available in locations where there are dedicated computer labs.