The purpose of this club is to work with the school district to improve the spirit of competition and the ideals of good sportsmanship and to fundraise and help obtain money to finance ongoing activities…

    The GSL school district has a strong history of competitive athletics, and we want to continue opportunities such as teamwork and cooperation for our student athletes.

    As the economic demands of the district increase, so does the role of the Booster Club.  With the wonderful support that we get from the community, in addition to our fundraising efforts, we have been able to assist in the needs of GSL activities and athletics, but we need continued support from individuals to continue to be a source of support to our student athletes.



    The Booster Club has financed numerous small projects, large projects, equipment requests and much more.

    Here’s a sample of what we’ve done:

    • Upgrading sports complex fields and parking areas
    • Purchasing sports equipment and fine art supplies

    • Selling GSL logo-wear merchandise
    • Managing concession stands
    • Sponsoring student recognition events



    Dave Brown
    Kim Busse- Vice President
    Susie Christianson
    Eric Dietel- President
    Kim Dietel
    Chris Graf
    Ryan Graf
    Susie Hedtke
    Sam Hussong
    Beth Petersen
    Emily Schilling- Treasurer
    Myranda VanDamme
    Sarah Waller
    Joia Ziegler
    Laura Donnay-Concessions
    Dean Schwirtz-Activities Director