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Screening Info & FAQ's

  • Why does my child need to be screened?


    All of the information from your child’s Early Childhood Screening is important to his/her future school success. After the screening, you will know how your child is growing, developing, and learning.

    Screening can detect possible health or learning concerns, so that children can get help before they start kindergarten.

    In order for your child to start kindergarten in any Minnesota public school, you will need to provide your child’s Early Childhood Screening Summary Form and Immunization Record.  Additionally, some private schools  recommend or require screening.

    This screening may help you link to other learning opportunities, such as:

    • Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE)
    • Pre-kindergarten programming
    • School Readiness Preschool
    • Minnesota early learning scholarships for high quality care and education
    • Head Start
    • Home Visiting
    • Early Childhood Special Education


  • What should I expect at screening?

    • Early Childhood Staff will check your child’s:

      • Vision and hearing
      • Height and weight
      • Immunization forms (shots)
      • Large and small muscle development
      • Thinking, language, and communication skills
      • Social and emotional development
  • More Information:

    What else should I know about Early Childhood Screening?

    - Children (three years and older) need to complete screening only one time before kindergarten.

    - Screening is normed by age so there is no advantage to waiting. In fact, the best time to do screenings is around 3.5 years of age, so parents can gain information and access resources for readiness in school. Children are screened one at a time and individual attention is given to the needs of the child and family.

    - If your child participates in this screening, he/she is not required to attend school in the Glencoe-Silver Lake School District. You are free to choose where your child will attend school regardless of where he/she is screened.

    - Sometimes families are accidentally missed in this process. Please help us to reach all children by sharing this information with family and friends who have three or four year old children. Please contact our office at 320.864.2681 to update our records.

    - If GSL Schools are closed due to weather, we will contact you to reschedule. If GSL Schools are 2 hours late, we will have the afternoon appointments and call you to reschedule the morning appointments.

    - If you need to reschedule your appointment, please contact  Megan at 320.864.2548 or the main early childhood office at 320.864.2681.