• Solar Boat

    This year, GSL started its first ever Solar Boat team.  The team will demonstrate knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to build a boat powered by the sun. Students will be building a boat from blueprints, and wiring a charge controller to a solar panel to charge a battery, which, in turn, will run a trolling motor. The students have spent many hours building the boat. The team will be competing in the Minnesota Renewable Energy Societies’ Solar Boat Regatta.  The competition takes place May 20 on Lake Riley in Eden Prairie. They will compete in three different races including speed, slalom, and endurance. By racing the solar powered boat they are building, students experience the thrill

    of competition and the pride of accomplishment that comes with creating something useful and fun.

    Mike Morris and Terry Shogren of the GSL Technology Department are coleaders.

    They are both excited to be able to participate with the students in a

    teamwork atmosphere. The solar boat project is being completed by our Youth

    Energy Summit YES! group. Students include: Tanner Novak, Cullen Lukes,

    Isaac Swift, Eric Villnow, Earl Janke, Ben Siers, Cole Mathwig, and Anna