• Technology

    Technology and Student Information

    Glencoe-Silver Lake Public Schools is committed to excellence and life long learning for all students, families, staff, and community members. In order to achieve this level of excellence Glencoe-Silver Lake Public Schools is committed to providing all with access to the latest 21st century technology that is used in daily instruction. With the use of technology we are providing learning experiences to our students and staff that allows them to address diverse learning, provides the means to communicate globally, improves academic achievement, and builds positive self esteem. Through technology, students and staff will have access to a wealth of materials, services, and networks throughout the state, nation, and world. Technology does not replace the importance of one to one teaching, but rather supports and enhances the educational process.

BYOD Policy

  • Introduction: The availability of wireless Internet access and cloud based services in our schools makes it easier than ever for students to bring their own internet connected technology devices to school for educational purposes. In order to access the Glencoe-Silver Lake Schools’ wireless network, parents and students must sign a digital copy of the Glencoe-Silver Lake Public Schools Information and Technologies Acceptable Use Policy contract.  It is important to understand that the opportunity to bring students’ personal technology devices to school is a privilege and is solely at the discretion of Glencoe-Silver Lake Schools’ staff.

    Device: For the purpose of the BYOD policy, a personal technology device is a privately-owned, wireless electronic device such as a laptop, Chromebook, or tablet.

    Internet: Student devices may only access the Internet using the BYOD wireless network.

    Security and Damages: The individual owner is responsible for the security and safety of the device. Glencoe-Silver Lake Public Schools and its employees are not liable for any device brought to any facility within the district. Individuals are encouraged to utilize security methods to protect their own devices.