• Data Backup & Cloud Storage

    "Backing Up" your files means to save them to a secure location. To laugh in the face of hardware problems, intruders, viruses and spyware. Below are options when it comes to realiable data backup.

    Secure Online Data Backup:

    • GSL Public Schools lets you back up important files to our secure servers via a high speed connection.
      • Ultimate security
      • It's automatic, for your peace of mind.

    At Home:

    • CD/DVD Backup. A method of backing up uour files by "burning" the content to a CD or DVD.
      • Share digital photos and documents.
      • Take files whereever you go.
      • Requires the burning of CD/DVD discs during each backup.
    • External Backup Devices. Great backup option for small to very large files, such as music, photo and video libaries.
      • Flash Drive: Take smaller files with you.
      • External Hard Drive: Back up larger files at the touch of a button, even automatically.
      • Network Attached stoarge: Back up many PC's to one device; access files via internet.

    Cloud Storage:

    • Dropbox:  2GB free storage.  Great for documents
    • Google drive:  15 GB free storage when you create a google account.  use your "gslpanthers.net" account and get 1 TB of space.  Not to mention Google Music which will let you kep up to 50,000 songs and it won't count against your Drive Storage.  Don't forget about Google Photos as well, however they do count against your Drive storage limit.
    • Microsoft OneDrive:  15GB free storage linked to a Microsoft account that you create.
    • All of these ways to store information on the "cloud" allows you to share any or all of it with whomever you want as well.