• Crow River Baseball 2019 Registration Information

          **Optional Parent meeting: is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019 at 6pm in Room 430

    Crow River Baseball/Softball Registration information:  Grades 3 - 10

    This is our most competitive league of baseball.   

    * Players will register and play in their current grade.

    * Age for registration is as of May 1, 2019 per the league.

    Registration Deadine:  March 1, 2019

    ** NEW DATE  Optional Parent Meeting: Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019 at 6pm in Room 430


    * Grades 3-6 will begin practices in April and games in May.  Practices are 1-2 times per week until games begin.  Games are typically twice a week, often on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Make-up games may be held on other days based on home team field availability.

    * Grades 7-10 will begin after the school baseball program season is over.   Coach(es) will determine the practice schedule.  


    Team Structure:

    * Teams will be made of the players in the same grade, unless a child is not eligible due to age restricitions per the league.

    * Top tier "A" team will be fielded at each grade level possible, with a max of 12 players per team.   An additional "B" team with a max of 12 will be added whenever possible.  

    * GSL residents or students who open enroll to GSL will be given first priority for the "A" team.   Any player from outside the district will be place on a "B", unless space allows at a given age group.


    * Tryout Date:  March 24, 2019

    * Tryouts will be conducted for all new players and any team with over 12 players registered for the program.

    * Tryouts will be conducted by the group of previous coaches of all ages, parent volunteers, and some of the GSL High School Baseball Coaching staff.  

    * Tryouts are closed for the public viewing.


    * No refunds are issued after the tryout date, unless a player is not able to be placed on a team, medical issue, or it is determined this league is not a suitbale fit for the player.


    * This league is run by volunteer coaches, anyone who is interested in helping coach should contact Tina Schaer at 320-864-2696 prior to tryouts.


    * This competitive league does not guarentee equal playing time.  Coaches will follow the league rules regarding playing time.  

    * Tournaments are played to win.



    Team practice and may play on the following fields

    * GSL High School Field

    * Plato #3, East and West

    * Vollmer Field

    * Blue Jay Stadium