• GSL Preschool Supply List


    Everyone Supplies:

    • Full size backpack/school bag for your child’s projects, shoes, etc…; please label.
    • A set of clothes to leave at school (pants, shirt, socks, and underwear); please label a 1-gallon plastic zip lock bag with your child’s full name to store the clothes.


    Preschool supplies (donations welcome):

    • Elmer’s large glue sticks
    • Clorox or Lysol wipes
    • paper towels
    • tissues
    • napkins
    • large white paper plates (cheap ones without dividers)
    • small paper plates
    • sandwich zip lock bags
    • plastic spoons
    • 5 oz. cups
    • watercolor paints (Prang or Crayola – 8 pack of primary colors with brush)
    • crayons
    • white glue
    • stickers
    • 1-gallon zip lock bags