• Acceptable Use Policy

    Technology, Computer and Network Facilities

    Acceptable Use Policy

    The Board of Education is committed to the goal of having technology, computers and network facilities used in a responsible, efficient, ethical, educational and legal manner in accordance with the mission of the Glencoe-Silver Lake Public School District.

    Acceptable uses of the network are activities which support teaching and learning. Network users are encouraged to use technology, computers and the Internet for purposes which meet their individual educational needs and take advantage of the computer and network functions;

    Acceptable uses of technology, computers and the network include, but are not limited to;

    • Glencoe-Silver Lake Public School online catalogs

    • NWEA MAP testing

    • Network file storage

    • Word processing and other software

    • Electronic mail

    • Accessing databases such as Discovery Education and NetTrekker

    • Accessing Internet resources

    Unacceptable uses of computers and the network include, but are not limited to;

    • Accessing Internet resources or visiting web sites deemed inappropriate by the staff and administrators of this District

    • Violating the privacy rights of students and employees of this District

    • Gaining unauthorized access to computer systems or files

    • Copying print, software, music or video for use in violation of copyright law

    • Inappropriate content in e-mail, other documents or online postings

    • Using profanity, obscenity, or other language which may be offensive to another user

    • Using the network for financial gain or for intentionally spreading computer viruses

    • Downloading, storing, or printing graphics, videos, files or messages that are profane, obscene, or that use language that offends or tends to degrade others

    • Taking and/or publishing digital images that are inappropriate, embarrassing or harassing to other students or GSL employees

    • Intentionally bypassing the state-wide and/or district-based Internet filters